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Our mission is to push the boundaries 
of science to deliver life-saving medicines.

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We at Medstry believe in complete disease management. We carefully select and target the therapeutic areas that we believe would make the most impact in the lives of our patients. 

With each target we strive to build an all round portfolio of medicines that cover all aspects of the disease. 

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Pain & PH

We divide pain into two broad categories, Sensory & Physical pain. In our portfolio we offer therapies that provide solutions for all subsets of diseases under these categories to our patients.

​General pain, Ortho, Collagen peptide, and Neural pain. 

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A female goes over four stages in her life - Childhood, Adolescence, Child bearing stage, and PMS. At each stage her body has different needs, and we aim to support her by offering therapies that provide solution for ailments at each stage of her life.

Medication covering every stage.

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This therapeutic area consists of medicines that patients can purchase from pharmacies without prescription. Here, our aim is to provide high-quality medicines produced in our WHO certified manufacturing units, at affordable rates to our patients.

General medication.

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Our medicines

We firmly believe that the best way to help patients is to focus on introducing innovative medicines by heavily investing in R&D to discover disease mechanisms and develop novel, targeted therapies that interact with them. Our focus is on the following: Pain, Gynac and General medicine.

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