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Grow Mature and Tail-End Brands in Extra Urban & Rural Markets

Medstry identifies winning brands in your portfolio, restructures marketing communication, and develops a digital infrastructure to expand product reach and boost your EBITA.

The rural opportunity

Why you need to consider covering extra-urban and rural population centers. 

85 Cr

Rural & Ex-Urban population

4 Lakh

Villages with > 10k population

25 Markets 

Avg. number of markets covered by 1 Sales Rep

Expect to generate

168 Cr / Year

Topline revenue 

Assumptions:​ The minimum business/ market/ month = Rs. 4,000. One Rep / HQ generates business of Rs. 1 lakh/month. 120 Reps/month Pan India generates Rs. 14 Cr


What holds organizations back? 

Inefficient Selling

Say reps have a portfolio of 10 brands

They are able to confidently sell only 3 brands on average

Doctor prescribes 1 brand


There is a marked increase in trading between regions and HQs

Lifecycle of Brand

The brand has moved from innovative to mature, but the way of marketing and selling strategy remained the same.


Work with Medstry

Choose Medstry for your brand's revitalization. With decades of experience, a seasoned team, and deep industry relationships, we offer a unique commercial model that restructures marketing communication and develops a digital infrastructure to expand product reach, especially in extra urban and rural markets. Boost your EBITA and reach your full potential with Medstry.

Get Started with Medstry

Medstry is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today.

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